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Smart Ideas about Selling a Home

Selling a home is all about incorporating the right ideas into the home selling game plan. Everybody and everything seems to have a game plan, a strategy to get something done. Hey, we’re in Football season where it’s all about game plans. Who is your favorite? What NFL team has the best game plans? Well, selling a home requires a game plan too. Today, I’m going to talk about some really smart ideas to selling a home. Let’s cross that closing, finish line.

Play out these ideas below and you’ll be sure to win the game of selling a home.

Smart Idea #1

You want to make sure that you want to sell your home and you’re not wishy washy about your decision to sell.

You need to make up your mind, be confident in your decision to sell and start the process.

Selling a home is not always an easy decision. There are a lot of factors that go into selling a home and a really huge factor are your emotions and letting go. Flashback to those countless memorable family meals or perhaps little Joey’s first bike ride down the driveway. The list of good times likely goes on and on as they’re etched in your memory. Savor those moments as they can never be taken from you, however when you’ve decided to sell your home, you must now put them aside and base your decisions to selling a home on solid home selling advice not clouded by memories.

This is a critical first step. Decision to sell made. Do what it takes to sell. Save yourself the agony.

Smart Idea #2

Realize that little things do matter.

It’s true! A shiny new Kitchen sink. A new Kitchen faucet. How about new knobs on your Kitchen cabinets? What could you do in your home’s Kitchen? Repair those things around your home that you’ve been meaning to do. All of these little things matter because they can make the difference in how appealing your home may be to a prospective home Buyer. And, because they’re “little” they won’t necessarily break the budget, yet will take you closer to selling your home. The costs associated with these things can amount to getting a Buyer interested for a lot less money than what you would potentially give up in price due to your home being seen as less than desirable.

Little things are key when you want big things to happen.

Smart Idea #3

Consider a Pre-Listing home inspection.

Know before you sell.Selling a home with smart ideas

Be prepared on what a Buyer’s home Inspection would reveal. Taking care of needed home repairs will always save you money before a Buyer comes to you and tells you what repairs are needed. If a Buyer’s home Inspector’s repair estimate is between $300-$500, what estimate do you think the Buyer will use when requesting money from you in order to make the repair? Yes, you guessed it, they’ll estimate it high at $500; you immediately lost $200! Don’t let them haggle with you, take care of it before when you’ve completed your own home inspection. Or if you don’t want to take care of the items highlighted in your home Inspector’s reveal, then simply note the items on your Seller’s Property Disclosure and price accordingly so any home Buyers know what needs fixing and therefore has been reflected in the price of your home’s selling price.

Makes you ready for the Buyer’s attempt to reduce your home’s sale price.

Not requiring a solid Pre-Approval from prospective Buyers you risk not selling your home

“Oh, but I do on all Buyer’s offers. See, this letter says they’re pre qualified to buy our home”. Too funny! How many times have I heard Buyers say they’re pre qualified to buy a home. I’ll respond to them by saying, “… oh, okay, so you provided your Mortgage Lender with your bank/asset statements, pay stubs, tax returns and your credit report?…”. “Well no,” they’ll reply. “We just had a phone conversation and I told them how much money I made and that I have good credit and they advised me that based upon that, I’d be qualified to buy a home with a sales price of $350,000”. I shiver in thought. Here we go again. Unfortunately, such a conversation is worthless, utterly without value. Meaningless. All of the financials mentioned above need to be reviewed by the Mortgage Lender in order to get a meaningful Pre-Approval letter.

The Pre-Approval letter will provide home Sellers with the best knowledge of knowing the Buyer’s ability to secure a mortgage. Without it, you could go through all the steps of selling a home only to find out a week before closing that the Buyer’s Lender cannot approve them for a loan. Could you imagine finding that out, after all you’ve gone through in getting to that point in the Real Estate transaction? That would be really hard to take, hard to swallow, wouldn’t it? So will you require a strong Pre-Approval letter now? I thought you’d say yes.

There may be a gap between the time you sell your home and buy your home

Perfect timing of selling your home and then buying your home can certainly happen, yet not always 100% of the time. In the event, there’s a snag and you can’t move into the new home, it’s best to anticipate such an event and don’t be thrown into a tailspin when it happens. You may have to put your sold home belongings briefly into storage while you shelter up in a short term rental or bunk with family and friends until you can move into your new home. Knowing it can happen is best so you don’t worry yourself crazy over it, just anticipate.

Selling and buying a home at the same time

Your home never sells and your home listing expires

We buy houses in Columbus Oh

Ouch. You went through all the mental and physical preparation to get ready to sell your home, endured the showings, the waiting and nothing. No Buyer was interested in buying your home.

When your home expires from being listed for sale, it’s a great disappointment and shouldn’t happen. There are a number of factors to consider as to why your home hadn’t sold, and the greatest number of times it will lead back to your home’s pricing strategy. Be sure to click through and read the article highlighted above “why your home hadn’t sold” so you don’t have to experience an expired listing.

The Short and Sweet of it

As you read, many of these scenarios that can play out during the selling of a home, can be avoided, while others can’t and it’s all about knowing the facts about home selling. However, planning for their possibility will certainly make it a lot easier to swallow. Whether it’s not hiring your friend or perhaps one of the most difficult in letting go of the emotional attachment to your home, often times knowing what to do can make selling a home so less stressful. Now go sell your home!

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